Visit to the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

For our Autumn library visit, on 1 November Librarian Alex Burton will host a small group of UoL Bibliophiles at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library of the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

Originally known as the Cecil Sharp Library, with its foundational collection Cecil Sharp’s own personal books, since 1930 it has built a world-reknowned collection of books, journals and ephemera as well as music and music recordings in almost every format imaginable. Its archives and manuscripts are second to none in the field of English Folk Music, including significant works on regional variation.

You can find out more about the collections here.

FREE registration for the library visit:

One of the reasons that we have booked the event for 1 November is that there is a Ceilidh that evening, so if you would like, you could book yourself to attend that via its organisers. Please note, this is a separate event that just is happening at the same venue on the same date.

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