A review of the year so far…

This year, we have already hosted our launch party at Maggs Bros. Books; organised a visit to the Bishopsgate Institute and we have a panel discussion scheduled in for later on in December…. and we’re only one month in!

Of course, none of this would be possible without our fantastic sponsors… who, year after year, continue to support our endeavors- whether it’s through supplying the wine or helping to organise events,. This year we welcome Christie’s into the fold and we’re very pleased to have them on board.

If you’ve not attended an event yet, please do. We’re open to all book-lovers and not just the collectors of dusty, old tombs. If collecting old copies of Fifty Shades of Grey is your thing, then so be it!

For only £10 per a year (instructions on how to sign up for membership are available on the Membership page of this blog)- you can join us for library visits, panel discussions and of course, our favourite, drinks receptions. Please spread the word and feel free to bring along a friend or two- we want to include as many people in this venture as possible.

Please watch this space for details about the panel discussion and we wanted to leave you with some photos from the launch.

The London Bibliophiles Team


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