Author Talk with Julia Kelly at RUSI Library, 25 February 2020

We are hosting our first author talk on 25 February and are delighted to have Julia Kelly speaking to us at the RUSI (Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies) Library on Whitehall.

Julia Kelly is the award-winning author of books about ordinary women and their extraordinary stories. In addition to writing, she’s been an Emmy-nominated producer, journalist and marketing professional. She will be talking about her experiences of writing historical novels and in particular, conducting research and working with archives.

Julia’s latest book, The Whispers of War, released in the UK this month, is set in the year 1939 and follows the lives of three friends. Copies will be available to purchase and Julia will be free to sign her book at the end of the talk.

In addition to this, Jacqui Grainger, librarian of the RUSI Library of Military History, will also talk briefly about her work with the collection and in particular, RUSI’s collection of documents relating to WWII. There will be also an opportunity to hear more about their #IWD2020 event on women and espionage that Jacqui has been working on with Dr Emma de Angelis, Director of Publications, with the involvement of Sonia Purnell, Dr Nadine Akkerman and Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall.

As always, there will be a drinks reception and nibbles after the event and you will have an opportunity to chat with our two speakers in a more informal setting.

This is an opportunity not to be missed as we not only have two fantastic speakers but the RUSI Library is a stunning bibiliophilic venue.

Free, but please book in advance so we procure enough wine.

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